Course Overview
Mind Power Education brings Innovation to Education, by providing the state of the art courses to different age groups and making learning a playful and creative experience. We have partnered with various firms across India which has enabled us to create a bouquet of courses that are excellent in their respective categories of different age group.

Our current sets of courses are grouped in 3 categories :
  1. Preschool to Class 5
    1. Course Overview
    2. Smart iABAX
    3. Kyra and Friends (move Kyra here)
      1. Add content from the page and all the 4 picture under the Kyra folder in Dropbox Logo folder
    4. MPE Universe
    5. Mid Brain
    6. DMIT
  2. Class 6 to College
    1. Course Overview
    2. Young Icons
    3. Career Edge
    4. Career Advantage
    5. Mid Brian
    6. DMIT
  3. Schools and Institutes
    1. MPE IT :for Content add
      1. Students Information System Implementation for Schools and Educations Institutes
      2. Windows, Android and iOS Application for kids
      3. ERP Application for Schools and Educations Institutes
      4. CRM Application for Business
    2. MPE Consulting: For Content add
      1. Education Consulting
      2. Product procurement from different parts of the world, primarily USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia
      3. Setting up schools brand image and building capacity
      4. Engaging students, parents and local communities

Groups Build Smart Foundation Sharpen your Brain Young Icons
Class Group KG1 - Class 1 Class 2 - 5 Class 6 - 12
Course duration 3 levels in 9 months 10 levels in 30 months 6 levels in 18 months
Advance (class duration 2 hours once every week) • Smart ABAX - A
• Presentation Skills Beginner
• Ten on Ten
• Speed Skills Beginner
• Kids Activities
• Smart ABAX - B
• Presentation Skills lntermediate
• Ten on Ten
• Speed Skills Intermediate
• Handwriting
• Kids English
• Kids Activities
• Smart ABAX - C
• Vedic Maths
• Memory
• Presentation Skills Advance
• Speed Skills Advance
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