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Mind Power Education plans to bring a game changing “MPE Career Edge” course, that would have the whole gamut of activities to support the students and working professional to plan their career objectively based on hard data.

Self Awareness/Assessment:
This involves a process of objectively evaluating your skills, interests and values to determine an appropriate career or career position. We have invested a lot of time to pick the right assessment based on the market conditions and appropriate experience level. The assessments will be both personality based and interest based.

Career Opportunity:
We have a huge database listing out the relevant career opportunity available in the market and the courses that would prepare you for those opportunities. These opportunities and courses are not only limited to your country, but span multiple countries

Interest Alignment:
Based on your assessment results and the opportunity available, we bring to you the best courses and career options that you would have high chances of success, by providing pointed counseling to you.

Based on your areas of improvement per your assessment and what's hot in the market, we have created a gamut of one of sessions that would be part of day long seminar/workshops to bring you up to speed and make your skills relevant.

Resume building:
We will enhance your resume to make it appropriate for the job market and build portfolio to showcase the work you have done, so that you have a better chance of getting that coveted job

Ecosystem Help:
>We will partner will the ecosystem around you, in terms of community to  help you settle down in alien places, touch points to help you secure loans, online assistance with our network to make the transition smoother.

The last mile:
We will be with you the entire step of transition, help you in placement by tying up other placement agencies and firm and also providing you with internship and other opportunities as you work on choosing your career.
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