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Mind Power Education is planning to conduct 1-2 day "Career Advantage Workshops" in your college/city. As part of the planning exercise, we are currently assessing what workshop topics students would be interested in. The speakers in the workshops will have lots of experience in the corporate world (including IT and education industries)  and have worked with not only industry leaders such as TCS, Deloitte, PWC, Infosys, British Telecom, Cisco, Dabur, FTCU and HP but also in a Startup environment. Please return to this at a later time as we firm up the plans.

Interviewing: The Basics:
Nervous about what will happen during your job interview? Want to know how to make a great first impression with employers? This workshop focuses on how to get the job offer and impress even the toughest of interviewers! The following will be addressed: interview formats, researching companies, answering interviewing questions, interview ethics and etiquette, and more!

Job Search Strategies:
Where are the jobs? How do I find them? When should I start looking? What can I do now? These workshops emphasizes a comprehensive approach to job searching, the importance of being focused, where to find jobs, the hidden job market, networking, and what the Career Center can do for you.

Networking and Informational Interviewing:
In this workshop, learn all about the process of and strategy for establishing and maintaining career contacts. Whether you are in the job search, exploring career options, or researching graduate school opportunities, this workshop will help you understand and apply methods of building relationships with others to meet your goals. It's more fun than you think!

Professional and Business Communications:
"Get an overview of professional communication success strategies, protocol, and formats. Learn important behaviors that will create a favorable impression and build confidence. Also learns more about Business communications, like being a better listener, Improving verbal and non-verbal communication and public speaking skills, effective email writing

Look for a Job or Study Further:
Not sure if you should start looking for a job after you graduate, want to study further? This workshop focuses on exploring the impact of higher studies on getting a job and how salary structure differentiates depending on degrees.

Beating the Recession, what to do and what not to do:
Job availability is scare, not many companies coming for campus selection, what should you do to have a best shot at getting that Job? Also what should you focus on until the economy improves? This workshop focuses on previous recession data and its impacts and talks about the best strategies to beat the recession

IT Trends: Hot jobs of the future:
"This workshop focuses on the upcoming trends in IT jobs, with following focus, Cloud Computing, Web 2.0 (with focus on social networking), Collaboration Tools (with focus on Sharepoint), Green IT, SOA, etcs. We also discuss the Gartner Hype Cycles for IT Trends in upcoming years.

Time Management Skills:
" Identifying and Overcoming The Time Wasters, How to Plan & Organize Oneself - Consistently?, - Art of Moving to Quadrant II of Time Management Matrix- Prioritization, Habits of Effective People and Practical Tips on Day to Day Time Management

Problem Solving Techniques:
Learn most powerful problem solving and analytical techniques such as Problem Restatement, Causal Flow Diagramming, Decision/Event Tree, Utility Analysis etc

Business & Social Etiquette:
Focusing on Workplace, Meeting rooms, Personal Grooming, Dinning, Restaurant Etiquettes

Leadership and Interpersonal Skills:
Leadership Vs. Management, Leadership Qualities To Have, Different Styles of Leadership, Identification of Interpersonal Behaviors in Self and Others (Using 'Johari Window Model'), Specific Steps to Ensure Feedback is Constructive and Specific, Analysis and Resolution of Real-Life Leadership Challenges

Career Ladder: Dynamics of an Organization:
This workshop focuses of Org structure of a typical org and career ladder and typical responsibilities one has to take to reach to the top. We also discuss about the different vertical and horizontal structure of the organization and what it means to be placed overseas.
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