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Abacus has been the flagship course of Mind Power Education, hundreds of students have benefited from our abacus course across various cities and states in India. We provide an integrated "Smart iABAX" course to whole development of brain. If you want to know more about Abacus and how it improves brain function read below


An abacus, also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool used primarily in parts of Asia for performing arithmetic processes

The word ABACUS was derived from the Greek Word ‘abax’ meaning counting board. The abacus has been used by various civilizations over a long period of time, the Chinese have been using this for over 2000 years. This abacus has been in use primarily in different parts of Asia as part of the normal curriculum. There are various studies that points to increasing attentiveness and overall brain development by use of abacus.

Usefulness of the Abacus

The abacus system of mental calculation is a system where users mentally visualize an abacus to do calculations. One particular use for the abacus is teaching children simple mathematics and especially multiplication. It’s an excellent tool for teaching other base numbering systems since it easily adapts itself to any base. It is an excellent substitute for memorization of multiplication tables, which some young children find very difficult. Children naturally have great potential of energy and brain power, however most parents do not know how to tap into the depths of these young minds in the right way and thus fail to realize and nurture these young minds to their fullest potential. Learning Abacus system is the way to go for giving them a head start in today’s world.

Using an abacus, a child can do all arithmetic calculations up to 10 digits and master the skill of doing it mentally, without relying on modern devices such as calculators.

There are procedures and training methodologies to master abacus use. When children use both hands to move the beads for small and large arithmetic calculations, the quick communication between hands and brain stimulates brain cells, promoting quick, balanced and whole brain development.

Using the abacus also:
Recent studies have shown that the abacus method of mental calculation is effective in the development of the right brain. At first, this idea was only a hypothesis, but the recent development of high-tech machinery has helped provide tangible research data. This was verified when the right brain measured heightened EEG activity when calculating and compared with non-veterans who were using the abacus to perform calculations. Many veteran and prolific abacus users in China, Japan, South Korea, and others who use the abacus daily, naturally tend to not use the abacus anymore but perform calculations by visualizing the abacus.

Brain Functions

Our brain has two hemispheres, the LEFT brain and the RIGHT brain. About 95% of our children use only the LEFT brain. They fail to use the RIGHT brain which is the seat and origin of intelligence.

- Analyzing Information, Concerning Languages & Sound.
RIGHT brain - Integrating Information, Thinking & Creativity.

The Left and Right brains have their own specialized powers and functions. We at Mind Power Education activate BOTH parts of the brain simultaneously. By using BOTH the parts of brain our students can more fully realize their full potential. Learning abacus can accomplish this goal of motivating BOTH parts of the brain at a time.
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