Refund Policy

This page outlines important information regarding the refund policy that you need to understand before you commence your courses. Fees must be paid for the next month in advance of the course and will include registration fees and kit fees as set forth by your school and center franchisees. Once you have already registered, if you wish to withdraw from our courses, you would need to intimidate us 4 weeks in advance, so we could cancel your enrollment.

Fee Paying Students:
A full refund, minus the administration fees, will be given to students who cancel/withdraw their enrolment in writing within three (3) days of enrolment. No refunds will be given after three (3) days of the date of enrolment and the student is liable to pay the balance of any fees owing. The administration fee is unconditional. In circumstances where a student has entered into a payment plan for the payment of course fees and withdraws from the course after the three (3) days cooling off period they are liable to pay for any outstanding fees owed.

Hardship Policy:
Hardship involves a student’s inability to meet their obligations, rather than being unwilling to do so. A student’s eligibility to be considered for the Hardship Policy is at the discretion of the organisation. Any requests for the Hardship Policy to be invoked must be made in writing, and requests may be made for evidence in order to determine eligibility for the Policy. All requests will undertake a review process, however there is no guarantee that an application will lead to the hardship Policy being applied.
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